We live by three simple rules: think big, accept nothing but the best, and deliver results.

We started because…

Pangea was founded in 2016 on the idea that every modern business will eventually have to expand internationally. Most business are great at what they already do. But they shouldn’t have to spend the time trying to figure out and navigate the complexities of international shipping and fulfillment. Once they have successfully expanded, businesses often run into another issue: how will they know if the people in that country need/want their product? They lack the marketing expertise to gauge the demand.

Pangea customizes data-driven, performance-focused marketing and logistics solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate domestic businesses of all sizes looking to go international. We usually work with companies with $7 million+ in annual revenues, and are looking to do 2-3x of that in a short amount of time.

We work differently than other marketing or logistics companies. While others offer a fractured experience and rely on archaic technology, clients can come to us for the entire marketing/logistics suite and expect us to use cutting edge algorithms and platforms to optimize their costs. In short, Pangea is the future. We lead the way, but we expect a lot more to follow soon.

We’re specialize in…

  • Digital marketing strategy (International)

  • Creative design

  • Paid Programmatic Marketing

  • Media Modeling Mix

  • 3PL Fulfillment and Operations

  • International Shipping Laws

  • Duties, Taxes, and Other International Shipping Fees

  • International e-Commerce fulfillment

  • Setting up last mile delivery

  • Optimizing Shipping Costs

  • International Cargo Brokerage

  • WMS RFPs and Implementation

  • Inbound Freight Optimization

  • Inventory Mgmt Systems

We hire our experts from…


We’re supported by these investors and partners…

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We led Pangea’s $44 million financing round because we believe they’re not just building the future of logistics. They are fundamentally changing where, how, and why, everyone shops. In our opinion, that’s an opportunity worth tens of billions.
— Paige Craig (Managing Partner at Arena Ventures)